A beautiful woman boarded The Flowerman’s bus with such positive energy and grace, during the trip this woman informed me of her dire health diagnosis yet smiled through it all. She told me that what makes her happy is to bring a smile to someone else’s face. A like-minded soul! This woman has been finding four leaf clovers for years and has quite the collection. The Flowerman has an amazing contact at a local florist shop. Putting the two together, we hatched the next shenanigan called Love and Luck on a B.C. Transit Bus. For every passenger that boarded The Flowerman’s bus on that route, they received a red rose and a dry-mounted four leaf clover. Gathering my local musicians to play live music on route and being so lucky to have Michael Yellowlees lend his musical talents and join us fresh off his walk across Canada raising money to re-wild Scotland. Red roses and four leaf clovers were given to all that boarded, passersby and all to the lively beat of my musicians.

The smiles, joy and happiness that this shenanigan brought was palpable. My travelling band along with guest Michael Yellowlees brought lots of singing and toe tapping among all the passengers. One passenger asked how much the red rose costs? Nothing but a smile was the answer. He accepted the rose with a thank you and a smile.