Picking up a rare day shift at Transit and driving my bus in a severe snow storm, all i could see were weary valley folks struggling to shovel the heavy and massive dump of wet snow. My first thought was what could The Flowerman do to help.

Later that day i approached my boss and asked him if i could use another out of service Transit bus for another shenanigan. he asked “what this time J.D.?” After a brief description of my plans, The Flowerman had his Bus!

Once again The Flowerman was about to launch his next shenanigan. Gathering local politicians, musicians and everyone in between The Flowerman drove the bus the very next day. The politicians brought their shovels and musicians brought their guitars and mandolins. We drove around the valley that afternoon looking for anyone who may need help to shovel their driveway or sidewalk. If The Flowerman saw someone in the distance, the bus pulled up to the snow bank beside, opened both service doors, the politicians jumped out with their shovels in hand and began shoveling to the rhythm of the live music of the band.

The gratitude shown to us all was incredible. The stories we all heard about the impact this random act of kindness had on the targets of our goodwill was truly heartwarming and gave us the strength to find the next weary valley soul.