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Flowerman 🌻cycling package giving the gift of renewed health and wellness.
I was given a nearly new bike and new helmet by a woman who followed my weight loss journey by cycling 2,300 kilometres in just 14 weeks. I was able to lose 70 pounds in just 14 weeks, that 5 pounds a week every week. Marnie gave me her bike because she was so inspired by my accomplishment that she upgraded to a different bike more suitable to her needs. She knew being the Flowerman 🌻that I would find the right owner.  … read more

Where it all started

I wish to introduce my very first shenanigan as the flowerman

It was the spring of 2020 that I launched my very first Flowerman🌻shenanigan to spread joy and happiness throughout our valley. It was when I found myself homeless that I felt urged to spread joy and happiness to others as I knew this would bring the same to me. I bought a hanging basket of flowers for Lemon-Aid (1966 Mustang) and suspended them above the passenger seat as I drove. They went with me everywhere I went. I encouraged others who saw the flowers hanging above the seat with the convertible top down to take them if they needed more Joy in their lives. I would simply replace them again. It was such a huge success and it launched my Flowerman 🌻odyssey.

Sunday Dec 5

The Flowerman makes an appearance at the Courtenay Santa Parade!

The Flowerman 🌻 moved to the Comox Valley in August of 2019 after never even knowing where to find the valley on a map.

I came here with no friends, no family and no guaranteed job to come to. I basically drove Lemon-Aid until I stopped driving. A huge leap of FAITH! I remember going to the Christmas parade in 2019 and I remember how beautiful I thought it was. 2020 was cancelled. So to be included and actually participating in this years parade was such an incredible honour for me. Even as a child my all time favourite classic Christmas movie has always been “It’s a Wonderful Life” starring Jimmy Stewart. I only learned recently that he filmed this classic feel good movie suffering from anxiety and depression (shell shocked) after his return from the war.

Every time I drive Mustang Santa, play Christmas music and get to see people dancing in the streets I feel like George Bailey as he yells “Merry Christmas Bedford Falls”.

I am blessed!

Thursday July 29

The Flowerman presents The Mustang and the Minstrel

Let me introduce ourselves

JD Ludlow, otherwise known far and wide as the Flowerman, moved to theComox Valley two years ago this August  2021. My passion is spreading joy and happiness wherever I go in a very unique way. My latest shenanigan involves bringing live music back to the valley as a pop up travelling musical show. So proud to say I received a government grant for this one! Who knew?

Dimo Tchakarov is the pianist. He immigrated here from Bulgaria and now happily calls the Comox Valley home. Dimo and his BC born partner have thrown themselves into this community. Dimo played for years on a variety of Cruise Ships entertaining people in his own unique style. He met is long time love while playing on a cruise 10 years ago. They met on his birthday. He tells me all the time that she was his birthday gift!

The old wooden piano – the highlight, aside from my piano playing genius Dimo Tchakarov. I recieved this stand up piano from one of our group members. We asked local artist Brian Scott to add his artistic flair to the piano and could not be happier with the results.

The piano will be towed behind Lemon-aid starting Thursday, July 29 to a variety of locations throughout our beautiful valley.
I encourage you to stop by and listen to my friend Dimo rattle the piano keys and sing along to his very entertaining style of play.
Hope to see you all soon!

May 5th, 2021

Lei Day

People see me wearing my Hawaiian Lei throughout the Comox valley everyday. They always ask me “How can I get Lei’d?” The answer is simple. Come see me at Goose spit park on Sunday, May 2nd from noon till 5:00pm with $20 cash and I will drape a Lei around your neck (Covid safety procedures in place)

All you have to do is agree to perform a random act of kindness to a stranger on May 5th. Please post any stories and pictures (with consent from the recipient of your act of kindness) of your good deeds on my facebook group and I will award one official flowerman t-shirt to the person who had the most creative act of kindness and had the most impact.


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