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May 5th, 2021

Lei Day

People see me wearing my Hawaiian Lei throughout the Comox valley everyday. They always ask me “How can I get Lei’d?” The answer is simple. Come see me at Goose spit park on Sunday, May 2nd from noon till 5:00pm with $20 cash and I will drape a Lei around your neck (Covid safety procedures in place)

All you have to do is agree to perform a random act of kindness to a stranger on May 5th. Please post any stories and pictures (with consent from the recipient of your act of kindness) of your good deeds on my facebook group and I will award one official flowerman t-shirt to the person who had the most creative act of kindness and had the most impact.

Reclaimed from the ocean

Mustang Sockeye

Mustang Sockeye was inspired by my love of the ocean and the harm we are doing to it. I found a pile of debris along the ocean one day and felt I had to express my feelings of sadness. All components used to create the sockeye came from the ocean except the paint and electronics. I hope to bring awareness to the current state of ocean.


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Lei Day

Perform a random act of kindness today!   More Details



T-Shirt Sale Launch

Own an original ‘The Flowerman’ T-Shirt   More Details



CBC North by Northwest

Listen as CBC News interviews The Flowerman. Date to follow

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Previous Initiatives

The first co-pilot

Mustang Sally

After purchasing Lemon-aid, I wanted to place something inside the kayak to cruise around with me. I decided to create Mustang Sally.

Mustang Sally is made from scrap wood I picked out of the waste wood bin at Home Depot, a mop head, golf balls, juice container lids, a beer can and sunscreen. All the components needed were “free!” My supplies at Home Depot were over $100, so in lieu of cash they contributed that $100 to a charity of my choice – the Comox Valley Transition Society. Staples contributed to their corporate charity that gives used electronics to children who can not afford their own. The beer can was the proceeds of a half hour floor sweep at Gladstone’s local pub.

Mustang Sally has amber LED lights in her eyes that wink if you give a friendly wave. I call her an interactive travelling sculpture. 

I really look forward to driving around the valley proudly showing off my art!


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