Honestly, there was always an internal struggle within about the Hawaiian Lei worn the last few years. I don’t live in Hawaii, don’t say Aloha, but live on a very beautiful island in it’s own right. Two winters ago, waiting for my passengers to board my bus on a dark rainy night and wearing my brightest and most flamboyant Lei (I had many to choose from), an older gentleman who appeared down on his luck stepped up to my fare box, eyes wide open, pointed to his own neckline and said “is that your Pathfinder?” It hit me like a lightning bolt, a Pathfinder was what i had been searching for. A re-design was required for my fashion accessory, all the flowers that make up a Flowerman Pathfinder are inspired by living life in the Comox Valley.

May 5th could no longer be called “Lei Day”, from May 5th forward this special day chosen to celebrate mental wellness shall be called “Kinder Pathfinder Day.” Renting space at the Spinnaker building at the Marina with my team of volunteers and travelling band playing live music, we crafted real flower Pathfinders for sale or children were invited to make and take their own home with them.

Called a Pathfinder because “it lights my path to connect with others and spread joy and happiness.”