Comox Valley Social Experiment (Facebook group) was initially started to share stories of Love, kindness and paying it forward. Being the creator of this large group it was felt that there was no better candidate to dress up like Cupid and show to the World the power of LOVE.

The first “COVID CUPID” I used my old Chevy Traverse, bought $300.00 worth of red roses with my own money and drove in a snow storm all over the valley passing out red roses dressed as “Covid Cupid” from the tip of Cupid’s arrow. it was a huge success.

Stepping it up a notch and raising awareness of the power of LOVE, B.C. Transit allowed The Flowerman to drive an out of service transit bus to carry out this shenanigan the following year. My team of volunteers decorated the bus in Valentine’s theme, my travelling band played Burt Bacharach’s “What the World needs now is Love sweet Love,” and everyone was in gloriously fun colorful costumes. That year, instead of spending my own money, i reached out to social media and raised money from all over the world. The Flowerman received donations from the U.K., Sweden, Hong Kong, U.S. and Canada.

The Flowerman drove the Love Bus with his band, team of volunteers loaded with red roses, chocolates and pet treats to our local hospital passing out roses to Doctor’s, Nurses and support staff, homeless shelters, mental health facilities, pubs, restaurants and town halls. At the Cumberland town hall all the councilors came out to sing with lyric sheets in unison and perfect harmony Burt Bacharach’s “What the World needs now is Love sweet Love.” Politicians had never sounded better!

Next year will be bigger and better than ever! After all, What the World needs now is Love sweet Love!