Bicycle Shenanigans

Bicycle Shenanigans

Flowerman 🌻cycling package giving the gift of renewed health and wellness.
I was given a nearly new bike and new helmet by a woman who followed my weight loss journey by cycling 2,300 kilometres in just 14 weeks. I was able to lose 70 pounds in just 14 weeks, that 5 pounds a week every week. Marnie gave me her bike because she was so inspired by my accomplishment that she upgraded to a different bike more suitable to her needs. She knew being the Flowerman 🌻that I would find the right owner.
As the Flowerman 🌻 I went out and have attached to the bike a gift certificate from the Comox Valley bike shop, a motor and battery if required by the winner, a BC Transit free 6 month bus pass, a free individual adult cycling course offered from the president of the Comox Valley Cycling Coalition and 5 three hour cycling sessions with the Flowerman 🌻showcasing all the beautiful tours we can ride in our beautiful valley.
The concept was very well received and I am so proud to announce the winner.

………Huge announcement to broadcast…….

We have a winner for The Flowerman 🌻bike return to health and wellness give away!
After reading her story and talking and meeting with other potential candidates it was this woman’s story that I really connected with on many levels. I could see her desire and level of commitment to get the job done.
I am so incredibly excited to work with Laura Leanne Davis Finlayson. Laura was so grateful to have been chosen and I am thrilled to begin our cycling odyssey together!
Please feel free to wish all the best to Laura as she begins her journey back to health early this spring. I am confident that together we will achieve greatness!
Stay tuned!
The Flowerman 🌻
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