Meet Lemon-aid


A history of friendship and growth

Our Story

1967MustangTeenageI first fell in love with the Mustang when I was about 14 years old. I was riding  with my Dad one day and noticed this beautiful car. I asked my Dad what kind of car that was, he said “That’s a Mustang son”. 5 years later I owned my first car, a 1966 yellow Mustang convertible.

I remember the first day I brought it home. My mother was not much into cars but she was very proud of my purchase. That day she offered to buy my first tank of gas. firstfill

A paserby saw the car and asked if they could take a picture of me with the car. Of course I agreed. They took the picture and walked away, I did not catch their name. A few months back a friend told me he saw a picture of my car on a facebook group called Vintage Winnipeg. The photo was the picture taken that first day with the car. You can see my mother filling the tank!

I have met many people each year through the car. Years ago I took a friend’s mother, suffering from dementia, out for a cruise.  We drove all over town with the top down playing classic 1950’s tunes. My friend in the back seat began laughing as he saw his Mother tapping her feet on the floor boards. Weeks later he told me that his Mother does not remember much anymore but she still remembers that cruise.

I have always tried to pass along my joy driving the car to others. 


Birth of ‘The Flowerman’

flowers It was my server at a local pub who gave me the name “the flowerman”, she could not remember my name so she marked “flowerman” on my take-out box. That evening i was sitting down for a meal and began formulating our group page, she became our first member of the facebook group Comox Valley Social Experiment.


The Beginning of the kayak

Since moving to the Comox Valley in 2019 I had always wanted to explore the water in the area. I had to sell my boat before leaving Winnipeg, but the desire to get back on the water grew stronger here.

A visit to the Habitat Re-store revealed  the most beautiful homemade yellow plywood and fibreglass kayak for sale! I picked it up right away. I could not believe my good fortune. Finally, my own kayak!

The very next day I took her out for her maiden voyage to Comox Lake. I must admit I was a little nervous. At 14’ long and just wide enough for me to squeeze my hips in, it was dicey. Simply sitting in it, I knew I was in trouble. It was so tippy, my core was already getting a workout just keeping it balanced.

Then, at about 500 meters out,  it went under the surface of the water.  I laughed so hard! It was a beautiful warm sunny day on a lake tucked into the mountains with gorgeous views all around me. The water was cool, but not cold. I kicked her back to shore and thought to myself, what an adventure that was!

I was not deterred, I was going to make this kayak the best kayak ever! That evening it came to me! She was going to have an outrigger attached to one side. That would do it.  Two extendable painter poles, two paint roller cages, a 6’ section of 4” drain pipe, a flat end cap and a 45 degree end cap. Four plates with threaded rods welded would server to mount the support. The whole thing assembles at the beach in minutes and it has become an incredibly sturdy and fast kayak. You can often see me far out on the ocean with my camera.

I turned lemons into Lemon-aid!


Explore The Flowerman Shenanigans

Mustang Sockeye

After the ocean discovery of large piece of  discarded foam, the idea to carve a giant sockeye salmon was born.

Mustang Santa

After the success of the 2020 summer exposure of the ‘Kayak ‘o Plenty’ supporting Lush Valley, a holiday version was born.

Lush Valley Food Action Society

LUSH Valley is a nonprofit organization focusing on food security. We support projects that educate and empower people in the Comox Valley.

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