The Flowerman 🌻 moved to the Comox Valley in August of 2019 after never even knowing where to find the valley on a map. I came here with no friends, no family and no guaranteed job to come to. I basically drove Lemon-Aid until I stopped driving. A huge leap of FAITH! I remember going to the Christmas parade in 2019 and I remember how beautiful I thought it was. 2020 was cancelled. So to be included and actually participating in this years parade was such an incredible honour for me. Even as a child my all time favourite classic Christmas movie has always been “It’s a Wonderful Life” starring Jimmy Stewart. I only learned recently that he filmed this classic feel good movie suffering from anxiety and depression (shell shocked) after his return from the war. Every time I drive Mustang Santa, play Christmas music and get to see people dancing in the streets I feel like George Bailey as he yells “Merry Christmas Bedford Falls”.
I am blessed!
The Flowerman 🌻